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Self Drive
We Offer

Self-drive of the unit being ordered from Yard to port to ensure the highest roadworthy standards are met prior to shipping the unit off to any respected country sea-port.

self Drive
Live Streaming Videos
Live Streaming Videos
We Offer

Live video of the unit prior to shipping the unit off to clients, We will live stream the vehicle we located for you either on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, or Facetime in Japan after 50% or 100% payment mode. Our team will be there during the live steam, ready to answer any of your questions, This is to ensure the correctness of the vehicle being ordered to avoid any conflicts between the Supplier & buyers.

Auction Purchase
We Offer

Since we are proud members of 160 + Auction houses in Japan including all USS. This Service includes buying of the vehicle from any respected auction house in Japan, arranging transportation from auction yard to yard, Thorough cleaning of the vehicles & arranging documents such as export certificate both English & Japanese and custom documents.

Auction Purchase
Freight Forwarding/Radiation
Freight Forwarding/Radiation/Mailing of original documents
We Offer

Grace international Japan is our freight forwarding company as-well-as a major wholesale distributor to many used car exporters in japan providing our clients with the most exclusive & affordable cargo rates with quick shipment & mailing of original docs via DHL to our clients all over the world throughout the year.

Cars Inspection
We Offer

Some countries car import regulations require the unit to be re-inspected prior to shipment in Japan, Sbk Japan offers all inspection services such as JEVIC, AUTO TERMINAL JAPAN inspection, and many more at affordable rates since we have a strong business relationship with these inspections instruction our vehicles get inspected much quicker as we make sure that there are no delays in the ETA. We ensure all safety standards is met to which the country, the vehicle being shipped to approves off.

Cars Inspection

Roro Shipping

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo / Ro-Ro) is a Shipping method of sea shipping where cargo such as cars, trucks, trailers, or railroad vehicles are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. Most Cars are shipped using this method as it is the most convenient and cost-effective method of getting your Car to your country. This is, in contrast, to Lift On/Lift Off (LOLO or Lo-Lo) Shipping which refers to car carriers and vessels which use a crane to load and unload cargo.RORO vessels have built-in ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently “Rolled On” and “Rolled Off” the vessel at the port.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping is a popular method for shipping high-value vehicles and classic cars or for those who want to ship their cars as well as some of their personal items. We collect your vehicle or you can deliver to one of our depots. Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver the container to your address and unload the container to the ground level to enable the loading of your car. Any extra space in the container, including the inside of the vehicle, may be used to store anything else you wish to send with your vehicle. You can choose the size of the container you want to send your vehicle in. There are Private containers which are 20ft in size or 40ft. You can also opt to share a container with someone else sending their vehicle. These are usually 40ft containers.

How to import a Japanese New or Used Car?

  1. Open Google-type either of cellphone or desktop now type open our website by spotting our logo the search for your dream vehicle has to begin.
  2. Select your desired vehicle by searching the year, make, a model of your dream Japanese/European car, once selected book a reservation at your earliest by calling our office line or simply WhatsApp us on the number mentioned on our website to confirm a booking or to enquire about the availability to purchase in case if we don’t have a unit available in stock that a  client is looking for in particular on demand we can source the vehicle for a client from 180+ Auction Houses.
  3. Get a proforma invoice sent to your email print it and visit your registered bank.
  4. Make the payment via telegraphic transfer & send us the TT copy for confirmation.
  5. Sailing begins. We will mail the original docs like Bill of lading, Export Certificate, Inspection certificate to the client’s address via DHL.
  6. Shipping takes 35/40 after payment.
  7. The tracking number for the documents parcel will be emailed to the client.
  8. Start applying for an import permit in case an individual is looking to import we will organize a registered custom clearance agent with a license to clear your unit which will be provided upon submission of TT copy to avoid any extra charges.
  9. Receive your unit & give us your honest review.